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This page was designed to the promote Psiloritis Geopark using modern applications and approaches. It is implemented within the framework of the Development Plan (Enhancement Plan) of the Psiloritis Geopark that was developed within the framework of the HORIZON 2020 project “RURITAGE”.
It focuses on the three important sections of the geopark that constitute valuable cultural and economic capital, the Nida geotope, the churches and monasteries of Amari and the network of cooperating local estates.
The main goal of this page is to utilize the multimedia material that had already been produced, and along with the newly created one will form the basis for narrative maps and other kind maps related with the Psiloritis geopark. The ultimate goal is for these narrative maps as well as this website to continue to grow and be constantly enriched with new elements in the future.



Nida plateau

We thank the Stavrakaki family for their wonderful hospitality and patience.

The texts of the website and the virtual tour are made by Fasoulas Charalambos and Nikolakakis Manolis respectively.

The multimedia material (video, sounds, photos, photographs and video panoramas) is by Nikolakakis M. except for some the photographs in which case the name of the photographer is mentioned.


Churches of Amari

Texts and information about the churches of Amari by Mrs. Kanava Maria.

The photos and the virtual tour by Nikolakakis Manolis.

The spatial information and the digitization by Staridas Spyros.



The texts and photos have been provided by the cooperating companies curated by Dimitriou Lydia.